Family Services

Family therapy can be very helpful in situations of a strained parent-child relationship or to provide assistance in the parenting of a child who is experiencing specific problems. A family therapist might meet with an entire family to help resolve issues that would otherwise lead to more conflict at home. They can act as a mediator to help all parties feel they are being heard and respected and help find a solution with which all family members can agree. Alternatively, sessions can be arranged for specific family members. Siblings might attend family counselling together to work out difficulties in their relationships that go beyond typical sibling rivalry.

The power of family therapy comes from the bringing together as many of the impacted family members as needed so that their interactions can be transformed. It will be important to identify the root causes of the issues you are facing and sometimes, with the whole family present, each individual can be challenged to see their part in a problem instead of isolating any one individual. There are often circumstances within a family that may be causing particular difficulties – including particular life circumstances or changes, such as a disability, illness, divorce, death in the family, a move, or financial difficulties, to name just a few.


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