Sarah Jary

Jungian Analyst.

Sessions are usually 50 minutes in length and take place once twice or three times weekly.

My work is covered by the strict professional standards of the British Psychoanalytic Council.


Over 20 years in private practice.




Advanced diploma Psychodynamic Counselling WPF

Brief psychodynamic 6 session model WPF

Jungian Analyst British Psychotherapy Foundation.

Member British Jungian Analytic Association

Type of Clients:

My work with clients covers a wide range of problems including :

Depression personal and work related.


Eating disorders

Chronic fatigue

Autistic spectrum

Feelings of meaningless

Relationship problems

Identity problems

Creativity blocks

Mid-life crises

Feelings of grief and loss

Additional information

Unhappy relationships, bodily symptoms and troubled thoughts and behaviours can all be signs that we have tried to deal with problems by putting them out of our minds.

The goal of Jungian analysis is to facilitate a natural inclination towards psychological wholeness by activating an ability to heal the stuck places in your life. Often there will be a complex interplay between events in our formative years and events in our current lives.  The work involves making conscious deeply ingrained and destructive life patterns and aligning yourself with your natural life energy and flow.

Main Eaves Office

Consulting room: 43 Downing Street, Farnham, Surrey

Contact Details

Please telephone on 07799 285649 to arrange an initial consultation.

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