Zara Eadie

Zara Eadie MSc, BSc (Hons), Dip. Integrative counselling (post graduate level)

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Supporting people to awaken to their natural state of emotional freedom is my passion. With over 12 years’ experience supporting people in mental health, homelessness, youth/adult/older people, addiction and trauma settings I am able to intuitively relate to people from a variety of backgrounds, age groups and experiences.  If you would simply like to understand yourself better, counselling can also help you to achieve this.

 Counselling & longer term therapy can help you:

  • Enhance/repair relationships with self and others
  • “Metabolize” stuck/challenging emotions
  • Develop confidence and self esteem
  • Become more comfortable alone or in relationship
  • Increase self insight and awareness- including defences/patterns of relating with others
  • Improve ability to cope with life changes/adversity/challenges
  • Cultural identity issues – including working with expats internationally
  • Embrace change/freedom & responsibility
  • Accept particular aspects of self/experience
  • Provide new perspectives/insights
  • Healthy boundaries: Acceptance/trust vs boundaries with others
  • Understand and cope with difficult emotions; grief, anger, sadness
  • Help with healing past and current trauma
  • Understand and change unhelpful behaviours
  • Assertive communication with others
  • Acknowledging/accessing a greater range of emotions and responses
  • Emotional support/affirmation of your feelings
  • Provide additional ‘accountability’ in order to motivate
  • Holistic integration of aspects of yourself/experiences
  • Recognise your own strengths and recognise your own needs
  • Link defence mechanisms with current patterns of relating/behaviours

I work from an integrative perspective; meaning I understand the concerns you bring to therapy from the theoretical perspectives of psychodynamic, person centered and existentialism. However, I also endeavour to work with you in a relational way, which means I have a deep appreciation for the cathartic healing potential that intrinsically occurs within the therapeutic relationship and between two people who are relating to each other authentically.

I hold a current DBS check and am registered with the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists (BACP).


I am experienced in working ‘relationally’ with young people aged 12 upwards, adults and older people,  within the following areas of counselling & therapy:

  • Growth & self awareness
  • Mental health concerns; stress, anxiety, depression
  • Bereavement
  • Abuse; physical, sexual, emotional, verbal
  • Rape/sexual assault
  • Bullying
  • Health concerns; yours/caring for others
  • Accidents and their impact
  • Dependency (only taking those in recovery at present)
  • Family & relationship problems
  • Intimacy concerns
  • Confusion around sexuality
  • Trauma, one off/prolonged.
  • Past/present
  • Spirituality; particularly ‘non-duality’
  • Life events/transitions; redundancy, moving house/job, divorce
  • Awareness, and deeper understanding of, anger
  • Physical impairments/disease
  • Work issues; confrontation, assertiveness, anger, feeling diminished/bullying
  • Noticing and processing internal emotional wounds
  • How emotional triggers relate to early childhood experiences
  • Illness and coming to terms with it
  • Death anxiety, fear of ageing/existential crises
  • Loss of & finding meaning/purpose in life

I have a background in psychology and currently work in private practice as well as with those who have suffered severe trauma for a local charity.


I work one to one with women, men, young people, adults and the elderly. I believe everybody has the intrinsic capacity to heal. As a warm and empathic listener, I will work collaboratively with you in an integrative and relational way. This means I understand the issues and concerns people bring to therapy from the perspective of psychodynamic, person centered and existential theories. However, I also place great importance on the quality of the therapeutic relationship and its capacity to be instrumental in healing and catharsis. Additionally I may use mindfulness techniques, elements from cognitive behaviour therapy and Gestalt technique as well as creative approaches where I feel you would benefit.

I also work one to one with people who are interested in spirituality/non-duality and development of their self awareness.


As well as my NHS awarded training in Integrative therapy (consisting of psychodynamic psychotherapy, existential therapy, person centered counselling) I additionally hold:

  • MSc Psychology
  • BSc (Hons) Human Biology with Psychology
  • Integrative Hypnotherapy

Types of clients I work with

I work with adult men and women, young people aged 12 upwards and older people:

  • Issues around career/academia
  • Growth & self awareness
  • People with mental health concerns; stress, anxiety, depression
  • Grief Exploring new/challenging feelings
  • Exploring choices and options
  • Exploring spirituality/meaning
  • Development of self insight and self awareness
  • Achievement of a goal(s)
  • Experiencing an increase in negative feelings; anger, sadness, guilt, shame, anxiety, depression
  • Feeling demotivated, apathy
  • Feeling helpless, hopeless, suicidal
  • Desire to find happiness/fulfilment
  • Not feeling heard, listened to or understood
  • Those who feel lonely or isolated
  • Being able to accept changes, big or small, in your life
  • Increasing self confidence, self assertiveness and/or self esteem
  • Gaining new perspectives
  • Wanting someone to share thoughts and feelings with
  • Abuse; physical, sexual, emotional, verbal

Additional information

  • Initial consultations are free of charge and last 30 minutes
  • On-going sessions at the Eaves cost £50/50 minutes, payable by cash
  • Wednesday evening appointments are currently available
  • I require 24 hours notice of cancellation otherwise the full session fee will need to be paid
  • I hold a current DBS check and am registered with the BACP

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Contact details

Telephone/text: 07759078168